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Curated by Felecia Chizuko Carlisle and Tyler Emerson-Dorsch

Alliance of the Southern Triangle (A.S.T.)
Kevin Arrow
Rafael Vargas-Bernard
Adalberto Delgado
Tameka Norris
Michelle Lisa Polissaint
Poncili Creacion
Jamilah Sabur
Onajide Shabaka
Mette Tommerup

From a neighborhood in Miami called Little Haiti, memories of life in the Caribbean and of the ghosts of this nation’s past blur together, like a heat mirage. Through this haze, the artists in this group exhibition build new paradigms, “because,” as Merle Collins wrote, “temples built/ to honour myths/ must crumble/ as the dawn breaks.”

BECAUSE THE DAWN BREAKS brings fourteen international artists to Detroit via Miami, FL, New Orleans, LA, San Juan, PR, NYC and London.  Each artist contributes a unique response to themes such as home, safety, place and resilience. 

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  • Little Haiti Cultural Complex Gallery (map)
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Celebrate the culture, history and freedom of Haiti. Featured work by contemporary Haitian artists honors each generation’s vision to forge new paths, while contributing to the narrative of a culture rich in brilliance and fortitude.
This exhibition is dedicated to memory of Joseph Wilfrid Daleus, an artist who forged his own path and stayed true to the vision of his art. 

Curated by Marie Vickles

Featured Artists
Stephen Arboite
Woosler Delisfort
Joseph Wilfrid Daleus
Michelle Lisa Polissaint
Corinne Stevie
Rachelle Salnave
Extra Virgin Press: Edwidge Danticat and Laura Tan

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2018 southXeast: Contemporary Southeastern Art

The 2018 edition of southXeast: contemporary southeastern art is the fifth edition of the only regularly occurring curated exhibition in Florida that presents a selection of innovative art made by artists living in the southeast. Devoid of thematic ballast, the exhibition has the simple aim that our students and other audiences might benefit by seeing high quality artwork not commonly or ever seen in South Florida and/or Miami, a growing international center of contemporary art activity. The exhibition also seeks to present a diversity of approaches to contemporary art making while also representing specific studio art disciplines that are taught in FAU’s Department of Visual Arts and Art History. 

Selected Artists: 

Robert Aiosa
Douglas Pierre Baulos
Maysey Craddock
Rebecca Drolen
Rob Duarte
AnnieLaurie Erickson
Rachel K. Garceau
Katie Hargrave
Kelly Kristin Jones
Michelle Lisa Polissaint
John Powers
Rontherin Ratliff
Kathleen Thum
Kristen Tordella-Williams

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The Annex presents: To Love Like A Woman

Spinello Projects and Fordistas are proud to present The Annex, an experimental non-commercial arts space dedicated to offering a safe space for promising up-and-coming curators and artists based in Miami. Focusing on underrepresented and underserved communities; The Annex provides a platform and resources to realize thought provoking experiences through art. The debut project, To Love Like A Woman, is a group show curated by Michelle Lisa Polissaint. The multimedia exhibition features works by Angel Garcia, Ashley Sebok, Barbara Lamothe, King Coochie, Monica Uszerowicz, Nathalie Alfonso, Sofia Dotta, and Vickie Pierre.

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Spinello Presents: Clara Varas and Michelle Lisa Polissaint

Spinello Projects is pleased to present two solo exhibitions featuring the works of Clara Varas and Michelle Lisa Polissaint, a solo debut. In "Interior/Exterior," Varas presents a body of work that exists and plays in a space between abstraction and representation, between painting and sculpture. In "Finding Home," Polissaint showcases two photographic series, Dancing with Myself and If Home was Home, both of which come from her exploration of personhood. 

In "Finding Home," Polissaint intimately deals with creating her own space and self. The series Dancing with Myself, was produced after moving out of a strict, conservative home at the age of 19. The series exists in a point of confusion between adulthood on paper and true adulthood. Swaying within these spaces, Polissaint explores the self outside of nurturing environments. In the series, If Home was Home, Polissaint presents a suite of medium format images shot during her recent trips to Vieuxbourg d'Aquin, Haiti. Moving from understanding herself after leaving her parents’ home to addressing the relationship of the idyllic "home," Polissaint continues to investigate her identity, as a child of the African diaspora, born to Haitian immigrants. 

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