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Spinello Presents: Clara Varas and Michelle Lisa Polissaint

Spinello Projects is pleased to present two solo exhibitions featuring the works of Clara Varas and Michelle Lisa Polissaint, a solo debut. In "Interior/Exterior," Varas presents a body of work that exists and plays in a space between abstraction and representation, between painting and sculpture. In "Finding Home," Polissaint showcases two photographic series, Dancing with Myself and If Home was Home, both of which come from her exploration of personhood. 

In "Finding Home," Polissaint intimately deals with creating her own space and self. The series Dancing with Myself, was produced after moving out of a strict, conservative home at the age of 19. The series exists in a point of confusion between adulthood on paper and true adulthood. Swaying within these spaces, Polissaint explores the self outside of nurturing environments. In the series, If Home was Home, Polissaint presents a suite of medium format images shot during her recent trips to Vieuxbourg d'Aquin, Haiti. Moving from understanding herself after leaving her parents’ home to addressing the relationship of the idyllic "home," Polissaint continues to investigate her identity, as a child of the African diaspora, born to Haitian immigrants.